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Star Trek:The Original Series is a database all about the episodes and characters of the Original Star Trek

Warning: This wiki contains a plethora of spoilers relating to the Star Trek series and novels. Read at your own risk.
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As you can probably guess by the name of this wiki, this is a wiki about the Star Trek: The Original Series. If you don't know, Star Trek: The Original Series is the first series in the Star Trek Trilogy (1966-1969). There was also Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973–1974), The Next Generation (1987–1994), Deep Space, Nine (1993–1999), Voyager (1995–2001), and Enterprise (2001–2005). In Star Trek: TOS (The Original Series is usually shortened to TOS) they had a total of 79 episodes, and three series. You can view all Episodes and Series down below.

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While investigating a distress call from Talos IV, Captain Pike is captured and tested by beings who can project powerfully realistic illusions.

The USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain Christopher Pike, receives a radio distress call from the fourth planet in the Talos star group. A landing party is assembled and beamed down to investigate. Tracking the distress signal to its source, the landing party discovers a ca... Read More...

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Star Trek TOS - The Enemy Within

Star Trek TOS - The Enemy Within

Did you Know...
  • ... that the original pilot, "The Cage," was partly killed for being too sexy
  • ... that Mr. Spock's skin color was originally different
  • ... that Spock originally didn't eat or drink
  • ... that Paramount was so desperate to get rid of Star Trek, they tried to cash out to Gene Roddenberry
  • ... that The U.S.S. Enterprise had a six-lane bowling alley on board
  • ... that Gene Roddenberry told Isaac Asimov to shush
  • ... that the Federation uniforms were made by a sweatshop
  • ... that William Shatner has never watched Star Trek
  • ... that the famous interracial kiss was originally between Spock and Uhura
  • ... that Star Trek visited Mayberry... twice
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    Happy Birthday Star Trek!

    September 9, 2012 by Joletole

    by: Anthony Pascale

    It was 46 years ago this evening that NBC aired the first episode of a new kind of science fiction series. This new "Star Trek" was to be a serious show with a bigg…

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